The Science and Technology Parks are established as effective socio-economic-technological entities for the development of technology, knowledge-based economy, and specialized employment by providing an environment conducive to the professional presence of small and medium-sized technology firms, R&D units, and research institutions, interacting constructively with universities.

The University of Tehran Science and Technology Park, as a native habitat for innovation and entrepreneurship, supports the creation of wealth from the ideas of talented individuals, entrepreneurs, and technology-based businesses, contributing to the realization of added value and wealth creation.

Its vision is to provide a comprehensive entrepreneurship-based knowledge value chain within the framework of the Tehran University Innovation and Research Platform to accelerate the development of a knowledge-based economy in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Its mission includes supporting the commercialization of knowledge-based innovations utilizing the technology network and innovation/entrepreneurship ecosystem, as well as promoting the close ties between scientific and research centers and economic sectors.

The functions and powers of the park include attracting and supervising technology units, providing necessary services and consultations, and facilitating financial support and infrastructure development for technology units.

Future plans for the park involve various measures such as launching the Tehran University Innovation Zone, establishing the virtual system of the Science and Technology Park, hosting the UNESCO International Prize for Fostering Science, creating a 5G and IoT laboratory, and enhancing export-oriented growth centers